Monday, August 1, 2016

Writing Prompt Monday: The Rainbow

Write a story less than 500 words involving a rainbow and a bell.

I sat at the edge of the pond, scraped and bruised knees drawn to my chest. All around me, the birds chittered, as if daring me to dive into the cool, clear water. Not that I needed to be dared; I always felt more at peace in the water than I ever did on land. It was easier to pretend in the water. When I was underwater, my bruises were invisible and my muscles didn’t hurt. But as much as I longed to swim, I knew I couldn’t take the risk. Mother ordered me to stay dry, and punishment for disobeying was always swift and harsh. Anyway, I was lucky to even be allowed to come out by myself, no way would I press my luck by swimming. I laced my hands behind my head and laid back in the soft grass. Even though it hadn’t rained in a couple of days, there was a vibrant rainbow overhead.

I closed my eyes and imagined sliding down the colorful arch, hair flying behind me like a mane on a wild horse. Of course I knew it was impossible to slide down a rainbow, but the thing about imagining is it doesn’t have to make sense. In my mind, I slid faster and faster until I flew off the edge of the rainbow and into the middle of the impossibly deep pond. I swam until my lungs burned, before finally breaking the surface of the water with a gasp. I floated on my back letting the rainbow bathe me in soft warm light. The colors healed both my broken skin and my soul.

The bell’s measured ringing pulled me from my daydream. I didn’t want to leave the rainbow and the pond, but when Mother rang the bell, I had just a few minutes to get home, no  matter how far away I was. Without hesitation, I turned from the water and light and raced home through the dark forest.