Dannie M. Olguin

Other than that brief time in fourth grade when Dannie M. Olguin wanted to be either a tight-rope walker or a bounty hunter, all she ever wanted to be is a writer. She even scratched out Danielle Steel's last name in magazine ads and replaced it with her own. Reading and writing were her escape, and she fully credits books and writing with surviving her childhood.

She is a member of various online and in-person writers groups & organizations and attends conferences regularly. In 2022 she was a co-panelist at the ALA (American Library AssociationAnnual Conference. In 2019, she co-taught a class at DFWCon (Dallas Fort Worth Writers Conference). And, in 2018, she shared a narrative nonfiction piece in front of 500 strangers at a true storytelling event. As an introvert with a fear of public speaking, this tops her list of Scariest Things She’s Ever Done—and she taught her kid how to drive in Dallas!

"If I woke up one day and discovered aliens stole all the brie, I'd be devastated. Also, I once took the watch off a dead man and gave it to my mother. But I promise, no laws were broken, and that story isn't nearly as bad-ass as it sounds."

Dannie currently lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area with her husband and two dogs.