About Dannie M Olguin

The only thing I've ever wanted to be is a writer--well, except that brief period when I was 8 and I wanted to be either a tight-rope walker or a bounty hunter. When I was a pre-teen, way back in the eighties, I used to thumb through magazines, and every time I'd see an advertisement for a Danielle Steel novel, I'd cross out "Steel" and write in "Olguin." I've been married for almost sixteen years to a man who just absolutely gets me, and we have a son, who is almost 15. Until this year, I homeschooled him, but he decided he wanted to give public high school a whirl, so I've suddenly found myself with more time than I've ever had to write, which is a dream come true and an absolute privilege. I always thought I'd be a literary or women's fiction author, but it turns out, it's middle grade and young adult fiction that I'm drawn to write.

I'm an active participant in local critique groups and a small handful of social media support and critique groups. I also read as many craft books as I can get my hands on. Bird by Bird, On Writing, and Old Friend from Far Away are among my favorites. Right now, I'm working through Story Genius and I suspect that one will move to the top of my favorites list, too.

If I woke up one day and discovered aliens stole all the brie, I'd be devastated. Also, I once took the watch off a dead man and gave it to my mother. But I promise, no laws were broken, and that story isn't nearly as bad-ass as it sounds.

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