Wednesday, December 9, 2020

*Tap, Tap, Tap*

Is this thing on? I have a little update...

I GOT A BOOK DEAL! My Contemporary Young Adult novel, BETWEEN SAFE AND REAL, will be published my Melange Books in February 2022! 

Stay tuned for more  updates, like my cover reveal and pre-order campaign! Until then, I owe a million thanks to so many people. 

Thank you to my agent, Tina Schwartz. Her passion and tireless championing of Zoe's story kept me going when my spirits lagged.

Thank you to my amazing husband. Stirling, thank you for loving me even when I can't keep my head out of the clouds. Or maybe especially when I can't keep my head out of the clouds!

To the amazing folks who work their tails off to put DFWCon together every year...THANK YOU! I'm a better writer because of the con.

To my soul-siblings and wing-people I met through DFWCon, you know who you are and you know exactly what you mean to me.  I love you and am beyond humbled that you still let me sit with you at the cool table!

Never ever give up on your dreams! I'm living proof that there's no such thing as too old to live your dreams.